Producing Audio for VR and 360° content with the OC818


All OC818 microphones are calibrated to have the exact same sensitivity, which makes them ideal for stereo recordings. With our PolarDesigner plug-in, you can even experiment with different polar patterns in post-production to find the best stereo setup for your recording.

With our AmbiCreator plug-in we go one step further—getting an ambisonic B-format signal out of two OC818 microphones, e.g. a “Live-Set”. As the OC818 microphones have a dual output, we can calculate any first-order pattern from those two outputs.


System Requirements

Operating System & Version

Windows 10 (and above)
OSX Big sur (and above)
Linux Redhat

Disc Space

500 MB

Compatible DAWs

Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase, Reaper

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