Our Mission

Austrian Audio opened its doors on July 1st, 2017. After the closure of our legacy home in Vienna, we set out to create something new, challenging, and respectful of the best of our heritage. 

We started with a core team of approximately 22 former AKG personnel from management and the core engineering disciplines of: Acoustics, Electronics, Test & Measurement, Mechanical Design, RF/Wireless, and Software/Firmware. This brought along 335 years of cumulative engineering experience. Over time, we’ve been bringing back additional former AKG colleagues to work with us and create exciting and new musical tools. We’ve recently hired our first non-AKG person in admin. Outside of her, it’s all former AKG here. At the moment, there are about 28 of us beavering away in the heart of Vienna.


Our first signature products are a pair of forward-thinking microphones that boast our proprietary and handmade capsule: the CKR12. Whilst paying homage to our legacy we are also free to explore and realize new concepts and tools for the modern musician, engineer, producer, and performer. We will always strive to make your passion heard with the best sounding classic tools; all the while making realizing that passion just a little bit easier by bringing the best of modern developments to bear. 

Austrian Audio has also been responsible for patents and proprietary technologies in audio, acoustic, aviation, transducer, telecom, noise canceling and measurement tools used throughout the world and across many vertical markets.

We’ve worked with a select few industry leaders on: feasibility studies, technology or full product development, and we’ve even brought it all together by helping to source a manufacturer that suits a customer’s needs. Austrian Audio also opens its tradition of Viennese engineering and marketing excellence to you. We can offer testing, qualification, screening, certification, ODM and other development services within our core competencies of: Acoustics, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, DSP, Software, Test & Measurement, and more. 


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