Solve your high-speed test and measurement production needs with Aurora

Introducing Aurora: Our Test & Measurement System

At Austrian Audio, we’re always searching for ways to innovate and take our sound quality to the next level.

To make sure all products leaving our factories meet our high standards, we developed our own test and measurement system. Aurora is a state-of-the-art testing and measurement system designed to give us precision measurements, detailed feedback, and reliable results.

Ensuring the quality and functionality of headphones, microphones and their components

Aurora covers many aspects of production, from capsule diaphragm testing to PCBA testing and final measurements in a quiet room, meaning each product is checked both before it reaches the customer and during the production process. To make this tool accessible, Aurora has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for anyone to use.

Example of an OC818 microphone:

A total of 5 Aurora measuring stations are involved in the production of an OC818:

– Capsule diaphragm (twice)

– Acoustic measurement of the dual capsule (anechoic chamber)

– Power PCBA testing

– Audio PCBA test

– Final measurement (anechoic chamber, 15minutes)

Aurora Headphone testing:

Aurora keeps track of temperature, humidity and air pressure and measures (full range => 20Hz-20KHz) frequency responses, phase response, impedance responses, THD responses, crest factor responses and R&B frequency responses for both left and right systems as well as a variety of single-value parameters such as sensitivity@1KHz for all our Headphones (including HI-X15, PG-16 and PB-17).

We believe that having access to an internal testing and measurement system is a key step towards improving and ensuring product and production quality in our studio and advancing audio engineering technology. We look forward to seeing what Aurora brings us in the future!