An Austrian Mic in the NBA!

An Austrian Mic in the NBA!

My name is Sean Heath.

I’m tough on microphones, and I’ve been that way, professionally, for 41+ years.

As the home Public Address Announcer for the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, I use the entire range of my voice every single game.

My energetic moments are pretty ridiculous, and my subtler moments are fairly delicate.

Thie OC7 is the most versatile, dependable, and satisfying I’ve ever used.

It handles my constant shouting without flinching and my soft-spoken moments sound like we’re having a quiet conversation in a museum.

I’m the only announcer in my professional circle that moves around during a game. The swivel joint design of this microphone makes that extremely easy. (So, I not only sound amazing, but, I look pretty cool at the same time.)

This microphone is so fantastic, it’s almost unfair to all of the others on the market.

To be completely honest: I’m stunned by how much I like this microphone.

It takes a lot to be different (and impressive) in the sound world.

Well done, Austrian Audio.

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