Damian Low

Damian Low

I love working with Austrian Audio microphones. The OC7 and OC18 have become necessities in my mic box. Nothing gets me “THAT” sound as quickly when working with rock drummers and the OD505 just works for me nine times out of ten with male vocals

Damian Low is a live sound engineer from the UK who has been touring since 2009. He had worked with a range of artists including; 10cc, Less Than Jake, Go West, Unearth, Monuments, Sad Night Dynamite, Sylosis, Sick Of It All, Bleed From Within & Madball.

He began his career working as a system tech before touring as FOH for The Manfreds and The Blues Band  before moving onto heavier music with Unearth and Sylosis for their first 3 albums

Damian currently mixes monitors for 10cc and Go West as well as FOH for Monuments.