Omoinotake/Leo Fuji

Omoinotake/Leo Fuji

"I was impressed with the Hi-X65 because the sound separation was totally different from the headphones I had heard before. The bass component of the songs felt very close and very pleasing. I would like to use these headphones as monitors. I was also impressed by how clearly I could hear the top note of the chord when I was listening mainly to the piano. The movement of the top note of the piano is an important part of the countermelody in songwriting, so when that part is clearly audible, it seems to me that the creator is able to convey the intention of the music."

Representing contemprary Japanese culture around the world

Omoinotake is a piano trio band from Japan consisting of Leo Fujii (Voc&Key), Tomoaki Fukushima (Bass), and Hironoshin Tomita (Drums). Formed in 2012, the band has been gaining popularity through a series of live performances on the streets of Shibuya and other cities. Leo Fujii’s delicate yet emotionally moving and charming vocals fit the current era.

Leo Fuji is using the Hi-X65 Headphone