Salvatore Pecoraro

Salvatore Pecoraro

I discovered Austrian Audio OC818 during a music fair. it was love at first sight. I have never seen a microphone like this, I use it all in the studio and on tour.

Salvatore Pecoraro is a producer, arranger, guitarist and songwriter.

Music has always been in his blood, with him following in his grandfather’s musical footsteps. He later studied the trumpet and piano, before ultimately moving onto the guitar.

Today, his music deals with topics including social issues, identity and universal roles, also touching on more delicate topics such as the mafia, abandonment, distance and memories. He is currently working on developing his recording studio in Sicily, which will also be dedicated to the production of videos for social promotion and an artistic residence in which he will host various artists for audio and video productions from all over the world.

He has received several awards on his musical journey so far, and has played at many events and festivals, including an Italian tour with Jaka and Alborosie, and a tour with Bonnot, Picciotto.

Salvatore is using the OC818.