Wyatt Stav

Wyatt Stav

| drummer, content creator, & educator

Using the OC 18 in a stereo pair as overheads, as well as a mic for vocal recording when creating videos has changed the way I produce content. My voice has never sounded better in my videos and my kit has been brought to life in a new way!

Wyatt Stav is a professional drummer and content creator who has amassed a huge YouTube following with his shredding drum covers, insider drum reviews and tips, and interactive video drum lessons that have inspired hundreds of thousands of viewers. With more than eight years of YouTube content, Wyatt is well known by metal, rock, and punk fans from around the world. His playing style is theatrical and aggressive, and his gear reviews give percussionists a chance to hear an opinion from one of the best. Outside of YouTube, Wyatt works as a session drummer and private instructor.

Wyatt Stav uses OC18 microphones as drum overheads and for voiceovers