True Condenser Wireless Microphone Capsule

Professional Wireless Studio Sound For Your Performance

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Professional Wireless Studio Sound For Your Performance

The open, clear, and powerful sound of the OC707 is now available for wireless microphones. Until now, the outstanding OCC7 small-diaphragm capsule, handmade in Vienna, was only available in the wired Austrian Audio OC707.

To make this exemplary sound available to more artists, Austrian Audio now also offers the OC707 WL1 True Condenser Wireless Microphone Capsule for Shure wireless systems.

The OC707 WL1 makes your voice stand out in the mix, and faithfully captures all its facets without overemphasising them. The microphone is perfectly tuned to the human voice; proximity effect has been optimised and the tonally open character of your voice is always preserved.

All the advantages of the Open Acoustic design are fully-effective over the radio connectivity.

Made in Vienna. Again.

Key Features

OCC7 condenser capsule

handmade in Vienna. Again.

Perfect Cardioid Pattern

over a wide frequency range

Rugged Housing

Metal housing, cap and mesh grille

The heart of the OC707 WL1

OCC7 condenser capsule

Making Passion Heard

The OCC7 condenser capsule was developed in Vienna and is the heart of Austrian Audio’s small diaphragm microphone series. Inspired by the legendary CK1, the newly developed capsule takes on the heritage with the benefits of the classic and the demands of today. Shaped by the past, built for the future.

The OCC7 small-diaphragm capsule with true condenser technology, developed and built in Vienna, is the heart of the microphone. The capsule’s three micron thick gold-coated polyethylene naphthalate (pen) diaphragm is much more robust than conventional Mylar alternatives.

The OCC7 has an impressive linear frequency response. The capsule can withstand extremely high sound pressure levels. Combined with very low self-noise, this results in an impressive dynamic range. It always sounds natural and open, and even at extreme volumes it is neither harsh nor sharp. The mids and highs are always silky smooth and are not overemphasised.

Each capsule is hand-built in Vienna and measured and tuned in the in-house anechoic chamber.


Spec Sheet, Manuals, Frequency Charts & Patterns


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Technical Charts

Technical Specifications

Directional characteristic:
Frequency range:
35 Hz – 20 kHz
4.3 mV/Pa
Equivalent noise level:
26 dB SPL (A)
Max SPL:
152 dB SPL
Load impedance:
> 1 kΩ
Supply voltage:
5-10 V (< 1 mA)
Shure® / Sony / Lectrosonics®
92 x 53 mm
195 g