Austrian Audio’s PolarDesigner is quite possibly the world’s most powerful polar pattern control suite. It is part of our OC818 Microphone System and optimized for use with OC818 in Dual Output Mode. The PolarDesigner offers a bunch of options for your post production creativity and experience.

It comes Free & Open Source for Mac/PC: VST3/AU/AAX


The Polar Designer is optimized for use with the OC818 in Dual Output mode but works with any dual output source.
Excellent for busy sessions tune instrument pickup during the mix stage!

  • Design the polar pattern of your dreams and craft different polar pattern responses across 1-5 crossover bands
  • Store, recall, and share presets
  • Powerful Terminator AI for eliminating or rescuing selected frequencies and instruments
  • Equalization control for imprinting the tonality of free- field or diffuse-field idealized responses.
  • Solo/mute each band
  • Full automation of course
  • Phase linear

v1.0.8 is the release candidate and is being posted here as a public beta. Our testing has shown it to be bug-free under Mac/PC VST3/AU/AAX. If you encounter any bugs in v1.0.8, please send an email to : sayhello@austrianaudio.com with:

Platform: (Mac/PC) and OS version

DAW of choice: (Cubase, Ableton Live, Tracktion, etc.)

Version numbers of everything.

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