Kata Fohl | Management

„Eure Mikros werden eingesetzt bei: Gitarren Amps, Drums Overheads, Gesang Florian Spies (Keyboard), Gesang Paul Gallister (2. Gitarre). Und wir sind super happy mit ihnen ;-)“

Wanda is an electrifying band from Vienna, Austria, known for their captivating performances and unique fusion of rock, pop, and punk with a vintage twist. Since their formation in 2012, Wanda has gained recognition for their infectious sound that resonates with audiences worldwide.

With their debut album “Amore” in 2014, Wanda quickly rose to national fame in Austria. The album achieved platinum status, featuring anthemic hits like “Bologna” and “Bussi Baby.” Subsequent albums, including “Bussi,” “Niente,” and “Ciao!,” showcased their musical evolution while staying true to their signature style.

Wanda’s live performances are renowned for their high-energy and undeniable chemistry on stage. Led by a captivating frontman, the band delivers unforgettable shows that leave audiences buzzing with excitement.

In addition to their musical achievements, Wanda actively advocates for social and political causes. They use their platform to promote equality, tolerance, and environmental sustainability, supporting various charitable initiatives. This commitment to making a positive impact beyond their music resonates with their fan base.

Wanda’s distinctive sound, poetic lyrics, and energetic performances have established them as a driving force in the European music scene. Their music transcends language barriers, garnering international popularity. With their infectious energy and rebellious spirit, Wanda’s music has the power to connect people and inspire passion.

As they continue to evolve and push musical boundaries, Wanda remains a band to watch. Their unique blend of genres and their dedication to social issues make them poised to leave an indelible mark on the global music landscape. Whether on stage or through their powerful tracks, Wanda’s ability to engage listeners ensures their enduring popularity.

Products used:

OC 818 Drums OH

CC8 HiHat

OC18 Git. Amps

OD505 backing vocals

Pictures by Reinhold Wenzel