Active Dynamic Vocal Microphone

The best of two worlds.

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The best of two worlds.

The OD505 Active Dynamic Vocal Microphone is designed primarily for the stage, though it is also a very capable microphone for studio application. Uncompromisingly robust, it combines all the advantages of a dynamic microphone with the tonal finesse of a condenser microphone.

The OD505 is the perfect choice for singers, podcasters and radio broadcasters. Its amazingly natural sound makes it very easy to shape and highlight a vocalist’s strengths.

Featuring Austrian Audio’s proprietary Open Acoustics Technology, the OD505 delivers a pristine, natural and resonance-free sound without any colouring.

Made in Austria.


Key Features

ODC50 dynamic capsule

state-of-the-art dual capsule design for consistent sound

3D Pop Noise Diffusor

specially designed for the OD505, this filter effectively reduces the impact of plosives.

Rugged die-cast body

for the most challenging live environments

Switchable Low cut filter

120 Hz (2nd order)


Directional characteristic


The OD505 has an impressive sound that rivals more expensive and larger-diaphragm dynamics but in a convenient, hand-held format. It won hands-down in our shoot-out on male vocals and off-axis response, and could work well as a handy stage or home studio workhorse in the same way as, for example, an SM7B – if it suits your particular performance. Shure’s equivalent dual diaphragm dynamic mic, the KSM8, costs £150 more, making the OD505 a relative bargain.
Das eigenwillige Design hat aber positive Auswirkungen auf den Klang, die Richtwirkung ist exzellent und von hinten eintreffender Schall wird sehr gut abgedämpft. Im Einsatz überzeugt das Mikrofon durch einen ausbalancierten und angenehmen Klang und kann sich gegen hochpreisige Konkurrenz sehr gut behaupten.
Launching a new handheld dynamic mic is brave, but the OD505 has some nifty features that’ll help it gain the recognition it deserves.
9/10 - Launching a new handheld dynamic mic is brave, but the OD505 has some nifty features that’ll help it gain the recognition it deserves.
Das Austrian Audio OD505 besticht durch ein auf den zweiten Blick außergewöhnliches Design, ist dabei solide gebaut und bietet als technischer Renegat einen Hybrid aus dynamischem Mikrofon und aktiver Technik, der definitiv seine Freunde finden dürfte. Für diese Kombination spricht auf jeden Fall der Klang des Mikrofons. Er ist detailreicher als man es von einem dynamischen Mikrofon sonst erwartet.
Austrian Audio has raised the bar on dynamic vocal microphones with the OD505. The microphone's open, natural sound was easy to integrate into a live sound application with minimal EQ required to highlight a vocalists's strengths.
FOH Magazine

The heart of the OD505

ODC50-SC dynamic capsule

Making Passion Heard

The active front capsule requires 48V phantom power and, at 4.4 mV / Pa, has almost the same sensitivity as a condenser microphone. With its active circuitry, the OD505’s sound is always consistent, regardless of the internal resistance of the microphone preamplifier or length of connecting cables. The passive lower capsule is polarity-rotated, it senses and reduces unwanted handling noise, especially at the lower frequencies.

The OD505 also includes another Austrian Audio proprietary development: The 3D Pop Noise Diffuser. This filter is specially designed for the OD505 and effectively reduces the impact of plosives.

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Technical Charts

Technical Specifications

Directional characteristic:
Frequency range:
35 Hz – 16 kHz
Sensitivity :
4.4 mV/Pa
Max. SPL:
154 dB SPL
Low cut filter:
120 Hz (2nd order)
275 Ω (symmetrical)
Load impedance:
> 1 kΩ
Supply voltage:
48 V (< 1 mA)
Main Connector:
XLR 3 pin
194 x 53x 53 mm