Denika Denkmair

Denika Denkmair

DUSK | Lead Singer

Embracing all facets of a timbre can be a challenging task. Not all microphones meet a specific voice's need. Austrian Audio though puts the right magick into their mics to spotlight cleanness and raspiness at the same time."

When the very last solar ray vanishes from these sere grounds the wan four are ready to hit the road releasing darkness and heaviness over the rugged land. Invoked by ancient virtues and vices their unresting specters keep hunting those wandering vessels which plead to get filled with screaming riffage, hammering drums and gnarling bass.

Mesmerizing vocal fortitude closes the vicious circle and sets free an untameable thunderstorm.

In 2018 DUSK made their first appearance with „High Radiation“. 2019 brought their second record „The Toll“ along with international and national shows.

Their first full-length spreads like a wicked disease since 2023 via Italian powerhouse Argonauta Records.