Anastasia Charakidou

Anastasia Charakidou

I finally found what I was looking for... the perfect solution for my every day life. This mic sounds great on my voice. It is extremely smooth and captures the true essence of what I am trying to project. The headphones make the music feel alive again. As I say, never settle for inferior sound quality.

Anastasia Charakidou is a renowned young singer and songwriter with Dual Degree of Bachelor of Music, Performance and Songwriting from Berklee College of Music, who has quickly become one of the most sought-after singers in Greece and the Mediterranean after winning first place at New Talent Festival in 2014. She is a markedly versatile singer, honored for her performing skills in various styles, including Pop, ElectroPop, R&B, Soul, Rock and Gospel.

With the accompaniment of her guitar and keyboard, Anastasia become an internationally recognized songwriter, who composes original songs, with rare sounds, inspired by her early life in the Greek Islands. As a professional musician and songwriter, certified in performing arts, Anastasia has a rich wealth of knowledge in music theory and composition as well as the creativity and discipline to break down barriers.

Anastasia is usind the OC818 and Hi-X55.