Andrea Lepori

Andrea Lepori

“The Austrian Audio OC818 are - without a doubt - the most versatile mics I’ve ever had in my studios ! Used them already in countless tracking sessions and they never failed to surprise me on so many different instruments and vocals with their unique clarity, incredible body and super smooth top end !”

One of the leading mixers, engineers and producers Andrea Lepori, recently discovered the Austrian Audio OC818 microphones as his new favourite mics in his Studio 45 and he shares some of his tips with us.

I’ve tried CC8s on almost everything and they always delivered, becoming my secret weapon in the studio and a must have when tracking bands live.
I’ve recently employed them on so many different sources co-producing Toby Sebastian latest single ‘Real Kicks’ (out 10th June) at the legendary Rak Studio here in London.
From acoustic guitars, to snare drum, the rear of electric guitars amps to mono rooms applications and the back of an upright piano too.
CC8s sound incredibly clean yet full of character with a slightly darker vibe and such a smooth top end that’s always on point and never harsh.
On top of that they’re so solid built and perfectly shaped and can handle a really great deal of SPL, without ever get too ‘crunchy’.
To me CC8s are the perfect addition to any studio

A couple of examples here, where I found the OC818 unbelievably good. Those are little placement tricks that I used to add character to my productions.

Austrian Audio OC818

As mono drum kit

In Figure of 8

Positioned in between the front head of the kick and the bottom snare inclined at about 35°

When playing with phase they give me either an incredible crisp top end on the kit or a very punchy low mids pump.



Behind my upright piano facing the lower end of it.

In cardioid pattern

Just a couple of inches away from the piano frame

For that darker/folkish tone so distinctive of that instrument but never muddy thank you to your capsules.

Andrea Lepori

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