Melissa Naschenweng

Melissa Naschenweng

Thomas Promitzer, FOH Tonmeister von Melissa - Wir haben etliche Produkte bei einer Probe getestet und waren auf Anhieb begeistert davon! Ich verwende nun bei Melissa die OC 707 WL 1 Kapsel für die Main - Vocals. Für die Background - Vocals haben wir OD 505 und am Schlagzeug OD 5 auf den Toms, sowie OC 818 als Overheads

Melissa Naschenweng is an Austrian singer and songwriter known for her music in the genres of folk, pop, and Schlager. She was born on April 23, 1990, in Hermagor, Austria. Melissa started playing the accordion at a young age and later began to write and perform her own music.

She gained wider recognition in Austria and Germany with her hit single “Die ganze Nacht” in 2016, which was followed by several other successful songs, including “I steh auf Bergbauernbuam“ und „Kompliment“. Melissa has released several albums and has won multiple awards, including the prestigious Amadeus Austrian Music Award for “Schlager” four times in a row.

Melissa is known for her energetic live performances and her ability to blend traditional folk music with modern pop elements. Her music has a wide appeal and has helped to rejuvenate interest in Austrian folk music and Schlager in recent years.

Rental Company Noisegate in Ilz bought the products for the first Melissa Naschenweng tour at endorsement conditions.
Products used:
OC707WL1 lead vocals
OD505 backing vocals
OD5 Toms
OC818 Overheads
Hi-X60 FOH

 Thomas Promitzer – FOH

„Ich möchte mich mal bedanken, dass wir die Möglichkeit hatten eure Mikros zu testen!

Bin wirklich mega happy damit!“