Peter Zirbs

Peter Zirbs

What If We Don't Exist?

I have never seen a mic in the studio that can be used so extensively and deliver such fantastic results in such a short time. Especially when recording vocals I want to capture the moment and not have to worry about technology. The OC818 sticks perfectly in the mix without much editing – and if I have the time and desire to experiment, it can do so in an amazing way. Ardent fan of the first hour here!"

As part of the Viennese techno scene of the 1990s, multi-instrumentalist and electronic producer Peter Zirbs has released music under several pseudonyms and on various labels. He has broken down genre boundaries over the years with the variety of his output. Zirbs experimented with analog synthesizers in the scene’s infancy, and found success with his energetic and raw productions.
His electronic music collective konsorten™ earned considerable airplay across the German-speaking world, he also produced for other artists and was responsible for the score of three highly praised art films.

The circle closes in the year 2018. Two decades later Peter Zirbs finally steps into the spotlight as a solo artist, with his internationally-acclaimed album debut “What If We Don’t Exist?” (Fabrique Records). “The closest and most apt sonic comparison for “What If We Don’t Exist?” would be David Bowie’s Low, with its mixture of futurist Synth-Pop and graceful ambient music” (by music blogger Forestpunk/USA).

In Summer 2020 Peter Zirbs will release his new EP, featuring the charismatic former Archive frontman Craig Walker.

Peter uses the OC818 and the Hi-X55.

Photo © Peter Draxl