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PB17 Professional Business Headset

Professional sound quality is an asset in the office and business environment. The sonic detail and fatigue-free listening of the PB17 closed-back headphone assists work-focussed tasks. Austrian Audio’s High Excursion (Hi-X) technology offers exceptional speech intelligibility for calls and crystal-clear sound. The PB17 shares the same technology as the highly-regarded Hi-X65, Hi-X55 and Hi-X50 pro audio headphones for exceptional high-definition sound. The PB17 is a great all-rounder: a professional office and business tool equally-suited for general media, music and post-work relaxation.

PB17 Professional Business Headset, designed and engineered in Vienna, features:

  • Our proprietary High Excursion Technology, for low THD at lower frequencies and clear, precise sound
  • Metal hinge for maximum durability
  • Soft memory foam earpads to keep you comfortable during the longest sessions
  • Foldable construction for easy storage, uncommon in this price range
  • Detachable 1.4 m cable included
  • High quality/price ratio—they’re especially good value
  • Multi-Platform: Compatible with PC, Mac®, PS4™, PS5™, Xbox™ (controllers with TRRS socket)
  • Teamspeak certified

Key Features

High Excursion Driver Technology

Outstanding low THD @ low frequencies

Detachable Cable

1.4m. For replaceability, compact portability and safety from damage.

3.5 mm to USB adapter included

Always the best connection

All metal hinges for maximum durability

Ensuring maximum durability and stability

Foldable construction

For maximum portability and easy storage

Soft slow retention memory foam earpads

Providing greatest comfort during long sessions


‘Microphone quality is really good. Nice clear vocal clarity, it’s very, very good indeed.’ ‘You sound superb to your recipients as well.’ ‘Really exceptional. Indeed, I listened to some music on these and I was impressed with music.’ ‘The quality is absolutely top notch.’
A clear sound profile makes these headsets excellent for those seeking accuracy in their music listening and clarity in the reproduction of in-game details.
Custom PC (09/2022)
One of the first things I noticed about the PB17 is that the audio quality really is impressive.’ ‘This headset works fantastically for calls, with crystal clear audio and a mic that picks up incredibly well, and it’s just as impressive for listening to music or listening to video audio.
Entertainment Focus
The mics have a fixed external popshield and do a solid job of picking up your voice even when positioned a little further away from your mouth.
Music Tech

High Excursion Technology

Professional Headphones

Hi-Xcursion (High Excursion) technology is the key to the astonishing sound of our Hi-X15 headphones.

All Austrian Audio Hi-X headphones feature a 44 mm driver and a ring magnet system. This design allows for improved airflow and includes the strongest magnetic field in its class.
The ring magnet, combined with a copper-clad aluminum voice coil, reduces the weight of the membrane and the voice coil connected to it, allowing the membrane to move or change direction faster, providing a more responsive impulse reaction.

Our science, measurements, and listening tests have shown that 44mm is the optimum size for this design. It ensures professional performance in the Hi-X, moves a lot of air, and eliminates ‘wobbling’ of the diaphragm. This is akin to damping of the driver mass, which is where our membrane really shows results: it is ultra-stiff while still reducing unwanted resonance.

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Technical Specifications

Frequency range: :
12 Hz – 24 kHz
Drivers: :
44 mm High-Excursion
Sensitivity: :
113 dBspl/V
Impedance: :
25 Ω
Input Power: :
150 mW
Microphone boom: :
lift to mute
Microphone directional characteristic: :
Cable (detachable): :
1.4 m
Connector: :
3.5 mm (1/8”) TRRS
Adapter (included): :
3.5 mm (1/8”) TRRS to USB-A
Dimensions: :
205 x 180 x 80 mm
Weight (without cable): :
265 g