Goh Hodota

Goh Hodota

The Hi-X60 allows you to monitor space as you imagine it in an immersive mix. And the Hi-X65 accurately reproduces even range/phase shift/noise in stereo and mastering.

I use the Hi-X60 for monitoring immersive mixes and the Hi-X65 for stereo mixing and mastering.

In an immersive environment such as Dolby Atmos remixing or 360Rality Audio, monitoring with headphones is even more important than in a physical monitoring environment using speakers. The fully enclosed space of the HI-X60 allows me to hear the spatial reverb as I pinpoint the assigned objects and design exactly as I imagined.

In contrast to the HI-X60, the open-type Hi-X65 has a liberating feeling as if it were coming from the speakers, but at the same time, it reproduces an accurate range, even the slightest left-right phase shift and noise…accurately, so both models are very useful.

Prince, Madonna, Chaka Khan, Duran Duran, and Janet Jackson are just a few of the A-level artists, sound engineer Goh Hodota has worked with. His mixing work resulted in a number of gold and platinum albums, two of which won a Grammy. Hodota mixed Madonna’s single “Vogue”, and together with Shep Pettibone, he worked on her double-platinum album Erotica as well as on Immaculate Collection that ended up selling over 30 million copies. Goh was born in Japan but has lived most his life in the US, until moving back to Tokyo in 2005 where he still resides today.