Paul Fig

Paul Fig

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Paul Fig, a Grammy-nominated engineer, producer, and mixer, has significantly shaped the landscape of rock music by working with significant acts such as Alice in Chains, Rush, Slipknot, Ghost, and System of a Down.

Formerly the guitarist of the groundbreaking, proto-punk band AMEN, Fig embodies a deep understanding of artists, supporting their vision whether on major labels or as independent voices.

Fig’s journey from Sound City and across recording studios nationwide showcases not just his technical prowess but also a profound ability to nurture and empower creatives. In 2018, Fig assumed stewardship of David Bianco’s renowned studio, Dave’s Room (formerly Mama Jo’s), inheriting and perpetuating Bianco’s rich legacy. The studio’s revitalization under Fig’s guidance offers an unparalleled space for tracking, overdubbing, and mixing.

Austrian Audio’s OC7 and OD5 stellar sound, killer rear rejection, and punchy, finally, a microphone designed for its purpose. Austrian Audio’s OC7 and OD5 aren’t just tools, they’re purpose-built for mic placement

Pictures by Diona Mavis and Michelle Pullman Photography