Interview with Kevin Madigan (FOH Carlos Santana)

Interview with Kevin Madigan (FOH Carlos Santana)

Kevin Madigan is a Front of House, micing and recording engineer who has been behind a mixing console for over two decades. He most recently supported both Santana and Lana Del Rey at front house.

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. For the readers who don’t know you yet. Would you introduce yourself briefly?

Hello. I’m Kevin Madigan. I’m a sound engineer. I work on live shows and in the studio. 

What were the most moving or interesting moments or projects in your career so far?

I’ve been very fortunate to work with some legendary artists – Santana, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, David Gilmour. More recently I’ve been working with Manny Marroquin mixing in Atmos in the studio for a lot of artists. We just finished the Black Panther-Wakanda Forever music soundtrack including some tracks by Rihanna.

How did you come in touch with Austrian Audio Products the first time?

Rob Mailman from Sound Image had introduced me initially then I spoke with Jack Kelly from Group One who distributes Austrian Audio in the US to try some mics. 

What Austrian Audio products are you currently using and for which application?

2 x OC818 on Carlos’s guitar and 1 x OC707 for Carlos vocals. 

What do you like most about the Austrian Audio products that you were using so far?

I’m very happy about the reproduction clarity of the OC818 in particular. 

What are your next plans for the coming year 2023

Lots more music

Did Covid actually have a big impact on your work?

For all of us in the live side of the business it was devastating. 

What are your favourite pieces of gear you’re using FOH and why?

Digico SD5. They sound great and have an excellent workflow. 

Do you have any tips for young, up & coming live sound engineers, who want to start their live sound career?

Say yes to every good opportunity and learn as much as you can about every aspect of live sound like A.C. power, signal flow, flying loudspeaker arrays, system alignment and optimization (read this book cover to cover)  and mixing. 

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