True Condenser Vocal Microphone

Studio-quality sound for the stage

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Studio-quality sound for the stage

The handheld OC707 True Condenser Vocal Microphone brings professional sound quality to both studio and stage. Capturing every nuance of your performance, the audience will delightfully experience the pristine sound of your voice. 

Designed to capture the dynamics and subtleties of the human voice, the OC707 blocks out unwanted noise from the outset, while giving your voice a great depth of volume. The OC707 lets the vocal cut through the mix, clear, detailed and natural.

Austrian Audio’s proprietary Open Acoustics Technology allows sound to enter the capsule almost entirely unimpeded from all sides. Contact points between the mounted capsule and the enclosure are reduced to a minimum. Furthermore, the reduction of sound-reflecting surfaces in proximity to the capsule ensures that the signal source is reproduced as resonance-free as possible; advanced materials technology and sophisticated mechanics reduce unwanted vibrations. Care was also taken to achieve maximum suppression of feedback.

Austrian Audio has succeeded in creating a vocal handheld microphone that has all the important characteristics of a studio microphone yet can withstand the rigours of everyday stage use. 

Made in Austria. 


Key Features

Handmade OCC7 condenser capsule

Inspired by a legend, this newly developed capsule takes on the heritage with the benefits of the classic and the demands of today.


Directional characteristic

Switchable Low cut filter

120 Hz (2nd order)

Rugged die-cast body

for the most challenging live environments


Sänger und Sprecher dürfen hier ein robustes Mikrofon mit hoher Empfindlichkeit erwarten, das Schall bis in die höchsten Höhen hinein wandelt.
Stage condensers are a relatively niche category, however the OC707 presents stiff competition to established alternatives such as the Neumann KMS105 (around £100 more) and DPA offerings (up to twice the price). Its fast transient response and smooth presence peaks really shine on female vocals, and it’d work equally well in this application in the studio, extending versatility.
The microphone’s impressive linear frequency response offers studio sound quality for the discriminating vocalist while its rugged construction and contemporary styling look good on stage and on camera.
Front of House Magazine

The heart of the OC707

OCC7 condenser capsule

Making Passion Heard

The OCC7 condenser capsule was developed in Vienna and is the heart of Austrian Audio’s small diaphragm microphone series. Inspired by the legendary CK1, the newly developed capsule takes on the heritage with the benefits of the classic and the demands of today. Shaped by the past, built for the future.

The OCC7 small-diaphragm capsule with true condenser technology, developed and built in Vienna, is the heart of the microphone. The capsule’s three micron thick gold-coated polyethylene naphthalate (pen) diaphragm is much more robust than conventional Mylar alternatives.

The OCC7 has an impressive linear frequency response. The capsule can withstand extremely high sound pressure levels. Combined with very low self-noise, this results in an impressive dynamic range. It always sounds natural and open, and even at extreme volumes it is neither harsh nor sharp. The mids and highs are always silky smooth and are not overemphasised.

Each capsule is hand-built in Vienna and measured and tuned in the in-house anechoic chamber.

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Technical Charts

Sound samples

Technical Specifications

Directional characteristic:
Frequency range:
35 Hz – 20 kHz
10 mV/Pa
Equivalent noise level:
19 dB SPL (A)
Max SPL:
150 dB SPL
Low cut filter:
120 Hz (2nd order)
275 Ω (symmetrical)
Load impedance:
> 1 kΩ
Supply voltage:
48 V (< 2.2 mA)
Main Connector:
XLR 3 pin
194 x 53 x 53 mm